Welcome to CityTrend's Fashion Story contest site.

Rules to join a contest are simple...


-Must have kik (can be download from the app store)

-Must have FashionStory (so I can give you my kik name)

-You can edit your own picture if you'd like

-You do NOT have to own the closet items to dress in them.

See simple!

My storm ID is popstyle12 , be sure you add it so I can tell you my kik name.

I will have 2 contests each month (when I can).

Please join and have fun.

How to join/play:

When joining my contest just go to fashion story and invite popstyle12, visit me on my wall and ask for my kik name, so that you can join the contest. Next add me on kik .once I've given you my username.

How it works:

I will post a round here on the website, I'll give you a link from kik to here so you can see what the round is (it'll be a theme) ex: Beach day. So you would dress like your going to the beach. To dress, jut go to your closet on Fashion Story, dress in any item (u don't have to own it), then screenshot, or take a picture of your outfit, and send it to me on kik. And I'll take care of the rest. :)

I will post each entry and the users points here on the website once the round is over.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me on my Fashion Story wall, (ID: popstyle12)

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